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Elements Included in a Typical Ghostwriting Letter of Agreement

Goal/purpose of the work.

What are your intentions for this book? What do you hope to accomplish? Knowing this helps your ghostwriter focus on the end goals.

Methods for working together.

How will you get the information to your writer?


The client/author owns everything including ancillary products, original material, copyright on the work, the writer’s notes, transcribed interviews, and all the materials involved in creating the project in perpetuity.

Net profit sharing percentage, if applicable.

For example, you may choose to share, say, 10% of the net profits from the sale of the book with your writer.


The writer should agree to hold the information the client provides in confidence. You may want to make sure a non-disclosure agreement is included as soon as you start working with the writer.

Payment and payment terms.

How much will you pay your writer, and when?

The pace of the work/responsibility of each party.

  • How much time per week do you expect your writer to devote to the project?
  • How much time per week can YOU devote to the project?
  • Your writer should provide a specific list of the things she needs you to do: provide all necessary information, read and comment on what the writer writes, offer corrections and suggestions, etc.

    Escape clause.

    It's important for both you and the writer to have a graceful way to get out of the contract if the collaboration isn't working. The contract can be amended by mutual agreement or canceled by either party with 14 days' notice in writing. Don't try to force the work if it isn't working. Don't set it up so that you end up in court over your creative project.

    Ghostwriting Rates

    Rates for ghostwriting are variable, depending on many factors. The StudioGraphia rates conversation generally starts here:

  • $100/page (250 words per page, industry standard)
  • $0.50/word
  • $75/hour
  • Project administration: 3-5 hours/project
  • Interview transcription is generally the responsibility of the client.
  • Final project bid depends on a 30-minute in-person interview, review of client needs assessment form, and cursory review of existing client notes.

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