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Consultation Services

Are you a novice freelancer, or an experienced freelancer who has hit a plateau in your earnings and productivity? Do you want to provide a different kind of service, but feel unsure about how to proceed? Let us share our knowledge and expertise with you so that you can quickly earn more money, save time on administrative tasks, and connect with more clients.

Are you a writer who needs some guidance to bring your work to your audience? We can help with all levels of writing, revision, editing, publication, and platform development.

Are you a writer, artist, or performer who wants to overcome creative blocks and dissatisfaction, and don't know what to do next? We can help you address the pressing concerns that stop you from a fulfilling creative practice.

Are you a small business owner who is overwhelmed by the recommendations and demands of social media? We can help you assess the best level of involvement to meet your target audience while enjoying the process.

We can help you reach the next level of your freelance business or your creative practice with our individualized consultation services. We've done the research and learned our lessons the hard way. Let us share what we've learned, and point you toward the best resources for your particular situation. Take the fast track to professional and creative development.

Potential Topics for Freelancers

Potential Topics for Writers

Potential Topics for Creative Artists

The lists above are just starting points. All consultation services are designed with YOUR needs in mind. We'll share all our knowledge and resources to help you move to the next level in your creative practice, whether you do it for business or personal fulfillment.

Payment is due 5 days before the beginning of the next month to reserve your spot. If there is a waiting list and you have not paid in full, you may lose your spot to the paying client. Please enter your payment confirmation code in the comment section. 

Payment Option 1: PayPal
1. Log on to PayPal:
2. Send money to Heather Severson at

Payment Option 2: Personal Check
1. Mail your check to: StudioGraphia PO Box 40983 Tucson, AZ 85717
When your check has been deposited, you will receive a confirmation email. This payment option takes the longest, so plan ahead and allow 10 days for processing. 

If the consultation relationship ends, a refund of unused months will be provided at prorated cost. Please close the consulting period 5 days before the end of each month to get a full refund for the coming month(s). Simply let us know that you are ending the consultation, or putting it on hiatus until further notice. 

Consulting Fees
Email Consultation involves weekly email check-in, research, and customized recommendations/referrals. All services are paid in advance.

Prefer to meet in person?

*2-hour minimum ($200) per day.
5-hour maximum ($500) per day, with special arrangement.
Meeting Location: Goodmans Interior Structures, 3741 N I10 Eb Frontage Rd Tucson, AZ 85705 (Click here for directions)
Please sign up for one of the available in-person consulting slots at SignUpGenius (click here).

Prefer to take a Workshop? Click here.

Your Time Investment

The amount of time you put into this professional development opportunity will be up to you, but we recommend setting aside at least 5 hours per week to do the work. Anything less, and you probably won't see your desired results.

Download Heather's Consulting Capabilities Statement, and instructions for signing up for consultation sessions. (PDF)