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Mercenary Creatives of Southern Arizona

This is a monthly breakfast, lunch, or happy hour meeting for freelance or agency writers, editors, authors, artists, designers, photographers, web designers, programmers, instructors, and other creative professionals to share best practices and get out of the office. It's free, except for the cost of your meal, and you're welcome to invite others.

Simply use the SignUpGenius platform to indicate your intentions to attend. It's easy to cancel if something comes up. No more coordinating by email if you can't come at the last minute!

Come as you can and leave when you must. Simply add a comment to tell other attendees that you will be later than our "official" start time, if that applies to you.

At our meetings, we'll make suggestions for future meeting places. If you would like to volunteer to be a host or coordinator, contact me and I'll post the details for you (easy peasy to set up a breakfast, lunch, or happy hour whenever you like).

We don't really have any "rules," except to eat at locally-owned restaurants. (For more information about why we to do this, check out Local First Arizona. Some of us are proud members: StudioGraphia, Barbara NcNichol Editorial, Julie Originals...Your Name Here...:-))

I created the Mercenary Creatives of Southern Arizona LinkedIn Group for us to share resources and have access to professional profiles. Please feel free to join us there between mealtime meetings.

We "own" the Twitter handle, @TucsonCreatives. Let's figure out the best way to use that for our mutual benefit.

Finally, I've created a rudimentary web page for us at It's a WordPress site, so any of us can take on administrative and design roles. Let me know if you have ideas to make that work for us. We'd like to feature banner ads for each of our members. More information to follow.

Hope to see you soon. In the meantime, be well, and use your powers for good!

Heather Severson
Mercenary Writer, Gypsy Scholar, Good Citizen.
StudioGraphia, LLC.


We like to eat lunch at Fronimos Greek Restaurant. 3242 E. Speedway Blvd. At some point we will try Happy Hour scheduling, as well. Let Heather know if you know of a great locally-owned place to meet for that time of day!


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