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StudioGraphia Kudos

Our clients have said nice things about our writing, editing, and consulting work. Sometimes the nicest messages come in passing, so we've included a few casual compliments as well as more formal recommendations from LinkedIn, Twitter, and direct correspondence.

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"Heather, I can't possibly thank you enough for your generous spirit, your insightful, decisive and supportive ways this weekend [during the Power of Words Conference]. You were such a lift to my spirits, and an invaluable help. You are truly a treasure." --Deb Hensley. Coordinator, Transformative Language Arts Network

"Productivity nerds: Follow @MercenaryScribe Her content and RTs are continuously worthwhile" --Jill Duffy @jilleduffy on Twitter

"@MercenaryScribe stellar content is elusive. Thanks for your hard work. You make it a pleasure to curate! Have a good weekend!" --Gayle @gaylecrabtree on Twitter

"Thank you Heather for forming this group and dedicating your time to this CRITICAL work. Big hugs from The RadioACTIVIST." --John Lordan. Member of LinkedIn Discussion Group: Stop Teachers and Coaches from Sexually Abusing Students

"I love the Mercenary Writer header on your member site–not many have figured out how to personalize it to that degree, but there have been several who were inspired to ask how. If there's anything you'd like for us offer–speakers or benefits, please let us know." --T. Sterling. National Association of Independent Writers and Editors

"I attended my first EFA meeting on Tuesday night, and I didn’t want another day to go by without thanking you for an awesome presentation. It was almost as if you read my mind and immediately began to compile answers to the questions you found there (among the lint and old socks). I’m quite sure there were others in the room who were just as mystified about the business as I was until they encountered your talk. I discovered that I wasn’t as far off as I thought I was, but as I’ve been operating in a vacuum, I had no idea if I was on the right track. Many, many thanks for the 'mentoring!' … I usually don’t do backflips when I compliment someone, but your talk was a game changer for me, and I really felt you needed to know about it." --Dave Sewell, aka The Tucson Wordsmith

"[Your worksheets on setting freelance fees] are a tour-de-force! What a terrific resource -- clear, logical, beautifully thought-out ... Surely you've thought about expanding this into an e-book format and selling it? I recently read [another book on the topic] and liked it a lot, but your "system" is much more thorough. It asks more of the user, which is as it should be, because the user gets a LOT out of it." --Wynne Brown. Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

"[T]hanks again for all the advice on rates. It really helped me price out this job, and just as importantly, offer my proposal to the would-be client without apologies. Yip!" --Susan W. Editor and Designer

"From what I've gleaned in terms of your hard-working routines I can't see how you could get any better at best practices. But hey, if you find out anything that seems applicable to others, I'd love to hear about it (I am a bit fixated on perfection myself)." --Mary Lewis. StudioGraphia subcontractor

"Thanks for demonstrating solid leadership skills under ridiculous pressure." --Jonathan Hartmann. StudioGraphia subcontractor

"You're so nice.... Thank you for all the encouragement and support. I wish everyone was so easy to work for/with." --Teresa DellaPietra. StudioGraphia subcontractor

"Damn you are doing some good work. Thanks, I couldn't do this without you." -- Flory Simon. Co-Director, Southern Arizona Writing Project

"Thanks, Heather. You're such a bad ass. We are going to rock [Tucson Festival of Books] this year." -- Erin Wilcox. Editorial Freelancers Association Arizona Chapter Coordinator Extraordinaire

"I very much enjoyed working with you, and have been thoroughly impressed with your professionalism, friendliness, and top quality work! I will absolutely be back in touch for future projects." --Elizabeth Rice. Assistant Editor, Developmental English Cengage Learning

"Hi Heather-- I still remember fondly all the great work you did on Passport years ago. Would you like to work on a similar new product--much more exciting actually..." --Paul Banks. Senior Digital Sponsoring Editor, McGraw-Hill Higher Education

"Heather-- Thank you so much for was wonderful to see you and catch up, even if only a little bit when in crazy 'hosting' mode. Miss you and your abilities, effort and dedication very much in Arid Lands, but most of all miss the great ideas and laughter!" --Dr. Baron Orr. Office of Arid Lands Studies. University of Arizona.

"Comments like Heather's are what I love about LinkedIn. That reply obviously took a lot of time and thought. It's just great to find groups like this where members are so willing to help each other." --Posted by Betsy Franz. LinkedIn Group: Freelance Writers. Subject: New comment on "What is the best way to advance from writing for fun as a hobby to writing for fun and profit? (I know this is a novice question but would value your comments)"

“I have known Ms. Severson... since she took over the position of Technology Liaison from me at the Southern Arizona Writing Project (UA). I trained Heather on the job for a short time after which she took over completely and competently. Heather is very well-qualified as a webmaster and technical adviser for the organization. She works efficiently, and her web designs show a good eye for balance and effectiveness. Because of her proficiencies, I was able to give up my own past position as technology liaison with full confidence that the job would continue to be done to very high standards.” -- Mike Sechrest. Business Communication Instructor, University of Arizona

“I have known Heather for more than 15 years when she worked at the University of Arizona’s Arid Lands Information Center. During this time, Heather became an integral part of the operations of the Center, taking on more and more diverse and challenging responsibilities. She consistently served the Center in a highly professional and proficient manner, providing library and reference service support to faculty and students. In addition, Heather took on new projects, including writing and editing texts, as well as learning how to develop complicated Web sites for numerous extramural projects. She has accomplished all this either while attending school or while working at other jobs. Heather possesses excellent writing skills and is able to communicate well with all different types of people.” Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity. --Dr. Barbara Hutchinson. Director. Office of Arid Lands Studies Information Center

Praise for StudioGraphia Associates

“In 2005 I collaborated with Amethyst on online supplements to our higher education textbooks. We needed someone who understood the needs of a developmental English reader, and could also search for useful readings in our online database. Amethyst exceeded my expectations, and provided quality content. I greatly enjoyed working with her and appreciated her sense of humor, professionalism, responsiveness, and ability to deliver content on time. I would definitely work with Amethyst again, on higher education textbooks or other projects!” -- Joe Gallagher. Thomson Wadsworth

“A highly valued and frequent contributor to Cast On, Ms. Ordover has written, recorded and produced numerous audio pieces for my podcast. A talented reader, with flawless delivery and a voice to die for, Heather is a skilled storyteller, who frequently works to tight deadlines and never fails to meet them. I look forward to working together again with happy anticipation.” --Brenda Dayne. Host, Cast On - a podcast for knitters