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The Mercenary Writer’s Custom Workshops

Step One: Needs Assessment & Project Bid

How can I help you and your group?

Workshop Topics

  • Best Practices for Freelancers
  • Billable Hours: How to Increase Earnings
  • Business Plan & Business Structure (LLC? Sole proprietorship? Corporation?)
  • Critique of Business Plan, Marketing Materials, Promotional Approach
  • Establishing a Web Presence
  • Estimate Pace of Work
  • Financial Planning, Taxes, and Budgets
  • Forms, Contracts, Templates
  • Freelance Resources
  • Marketing & Promotion, Or How To Connect With Clients
  • Organization Strategies for Freelancers: Financial Statements, Tax Time, & More
  • Professional Development Resources
  • Project Management
  • Setting Freelance Rates and Fees
  • Social Networking for Freelancers
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Other (describe your group's concerns)

Step Two: Select a Package

1: One workshop, up to 3 hours
Time to cover 1-2 Topics.

2: Two workshops
Time to cover 3-5 Topics.

3: Three workshops
Time to cover 6-9 Topics.

Step Three:
Deposit to reserve each workshop date: $150.00.
Make checks out to Mercenary Writer or StudioGraphia.

Step Four:
Schedule one, two or three workshops at a location of your choosing. We will work with you to publicize the event to maximize attendance.

Step Five:
Final assessment of the workshop process and results. Final Invoice: payment due upon receipt.

Get Started!
To schedule a workshop tailored to your needs, send us an email message.

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